2nd Family Dogs offers superior convenience, competitive pricing and an outstanding facility as well as the quality of our staff and other amenities. Unless otherwise instructed, all dogs being boarded will participate in group daycare activities at no additional charge allowing them to play and socialize indoors and/or outdoors with the whole gang. (This assumes that your dog does not require "special handling" as described below)

Please note that we do not accept checks.  When you  pick up your dog please be sure to bring cash or a valid credit card.  We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover.

Daycare Rates

Dogs from the Same Family

1 dog

2 dogs

3 dogs

Each Additional

Full Day (greater than 5 hrs)





Partial Day (5 hours or less)






Full Day

Partial Day

1 dog

2 dogs

3 dogs

1 dog

2 dogs

3 dogs

5 days







10 days







15 days







20 days







30 days







Boarding Rates


Same Family / Shared Kennel

1 dog

2 dogs

3 dogs



Standard Suite (4 x 3)





Large Suite (6 x 3)





Extra Large Suite (6 x 6)





Executive Suite (9 x 6)





                  A deposit of 50% is required on Boarding Reservations of 14 days or more.
                A deposit pf 25% is required on Boarding Reservations during holiday weeks.

Note: Guests not checked out by closing time will need to pay for an additional night of boarding and be checked out the next day.  Please understand that during these holiday and summer times when we are sold out, if you do not pick up your dog on the scheduled day of departure they will most likely need to be moved to a portable kennel.

Notice: If 2nd Family Dogs, in its own discretion, determines that a boarding or daycare dog is deemed too aggressive to play safely with other dogs they will automatically be separated from all other dogs and put in Special Handling. Additional rates will apply for Special Handling of $9.00 per day per dog will apply until the dog is picked up. Once notified that your dog has been deemed too aggressive to socialize with the rest of the dog pack your dog will not be allowed to return for boarding or daycare for the safety of all dogs.

Additional Services and Fees



Boarding Food (If not provided by owner)