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Dog Grooming at 2nd Family Dogs

Dog Grooming & Pricing

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Dog Grooming in McKinney TX

We are pleased to offer a full array of grooming services in McKinney TX for your special pet. We have all the right equipment and experienced, caring groomers to pamper your dog. 

Cocker Spaniels

Shampooch Package

Shampoo, blow dry, massage, nail trim, ear cleaning, bandanna and fragrance.


Note: ear plucking and glands expressed by request only. 

Tidy-Up Package


Includes everything in the Shampooch Package plus a sanitary trim and scissoring feet and shaving paw pads.

Note: ear plucking and glands expressed by request only. 

Pampered Pooch Package


Includes everything in the Shampooch and Tidy-Up packages plus and all over haircut and style.

Note: ear plucking and glands expressed by request only. 

Dog Grooming Packages

Additional Services


Nail Trim Clipped:  $10              

Nails Dremel:  $16

($12 when added to a package)       

Ear Cleaning: $4       
Teeth Brushing:  $8    

Furminator Shed-less Treatment Add $10-$20+


A special shampoo and conditioner combo helps release shedding undercoat while simultaneously using special bathing and brushing techniques to release excess hair. An amazing process that drastically reduces shedding up to 80%. (to enhance the effectiveness use every 4-6 weeks). The furminator treatment will add an additional $10-20+more to your package price depending on size/breed of dog and severity of undercoat. *Works best on double coated dogs*

Sore Senior Special
Add $7


We offer a peppermint shampoo which is great for dogs with sore muscles, aches and arthritis.  This is massaged into the coat for 10 minutes followed by a cool rinse.  It's like Bengay for dogs!! This special is an additional $7 added to the package price you choose.

Special Shampoos and Conditioners Add $7 -$20


  • Heavy duty conditioners: $7

  • Flea and Tick: $7

  • Whitening to brighten up blondes: $7

  • Soothe Shampoo/Conditioner Combo:  $10 for small/medium breeds and $20 for large/extra hairy breeds.

  • Hypo for extra sensitive skin $7


Dog Grooming Salon Info

Our award winning dog grooming salon has experienced groomers with a passion for dogs and ensuring that everything is done just right. We know that you will be pleased with one of our many packages! 

Grooming prices are an estimate based upon size, breed and condition of coat. An additional fee of $10 may be added for difficult dogs if additional help or time is needed to complete the groom. If we are unable to safely groom your dog, your pet may be referred to a Vet Hospital for grooming where there will be a doctor available and sedation if needed.

Mixed breeds are priced by whatever breed the dog most resembles.

*Please allow up to 3 hours for a grooming appointment.

Grooming Cancellations:  There is a $15.00 cancellation fee for no shows if your reservation is not cancelled the day before your appointment.

Notice: vaccines are required to be up to date.

Dog Grooming Rates 2024
Please note: Grooming prices are an estimate based upon size, breed and condition of coat. Actual price may vary depending on these factors.

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