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I'm Accessible

What works for you, works for me too. Phone calls, emails, text, I'll make it happen! I am easy to work with and open lines of communication are just one of the many reasons my clients have been with me since the beginning.

Everyone Matters!

I care deeply about my clients and my community. I take the time to listen, to understand what's important to them, to understand their wants and needs as I see the value in this understanding. I try to live by the Golden Rule, and by doing so, it leads to the best possible results.

Counting on Me

I deliver the best services on time and with proficiency. Offering an unparalleled service to get you results. I also believe in integrity and innovation.

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2nd Family Dogs

6780 State Highway 121

McKinney, Texas 75070


Let's Bark

Telephone: 469-854-6380 
Fax: 972-767-0075


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Monday - Friday 7A-7P
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