General Information

Daily Schedule

6:30 Wake Up - It's Play Time!! (7:30 on Saturday and Sunday)

8:00 Breakfast.…..Yummy

10:00 More Play and Fun!!

12:00 Nap Time for boarding dogs (we are so very tired)

2:00 Nap’s over – lets hit the toys and PLAY!

5:00 Dinner Time ……That was Tasty!! (4:00 on hot or bad weather days)

7:00 More play and fun before we have to go to bed

8:00 Get Ready for bed and SWEET DREAMS  

*These are estimated times*
*Weekend times have a later start*


During very hot, cold or rainy days our outdoor time may be limited.


Our lobby is closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas.  We don’t allow check in or check out on those days.  


Extended Stay
A deposit of 50% is required on boarding reservations of 14 days or more.


Holiday and Spring Break Boarding Reservations

A 25% Deposit to secure reservations at the time of booking will apply for Holiday and Spring Break. Reservations must be cancelled in writing (email) 5 days prior to your boarding date in order for your deposit to be refunded.

Please note that during peak boarding periods such as Holidays and Spring Break if you are late returning from your trip and can't pick up your dog we will do our best to accommodate them for another night or two but because we will be full they will likely have to stay in a portable crate. The late pick up fee of $15 per day in addition to the boarding rate will apply.

We don’t accept checks.  We accept credit cards or cash.


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2nd Family Dogs

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Let's Bark

Telephone: 469-854-6380 
Fax: 972-767-0075

Our Lobby Hours

Monday - Friday 7A-7P
Saturday  9A - 5P
Sunday  9A - 5P

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