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Health & Safety

Vaccination and Age Requirements


Dog Temperaments


Requirements: These apply to Boarding, Daycare and Grooming!

You will need to provide documentation of current vaccines including:

For Dogs 18 Weeks and Older:

· Rabies

· DHLPPC (distemper / parvo)

· Bordetella (kennel cough) - 6 months

· Canine Flu (starting 8/31/23)

For Puppies:

Puppies can attend 2nd Family Dogs starting at the age of  12 weeks (3 months) provided they have had the following vaccinations prior to attending:

Puppy Vaccination Schedule

          Age                  Vaccine

  •   6-8 weeks      Distemper, Parvovirus

  • 10-12 weeks    DHPP

All dogs older than 6 months are required to be spayed or neutered.

All dogs must be on a heartworm and flea and tick prevention program. If a dog is not current on their flea medication or if we detect fleas, we will administer a Capstar flea treatment and flea bath at Owner’s expense. We can’t allow fleas to go untreated.

Important Note: Dogs that are newly adopted or come to us from a shelter must be seen by the vet and updated with all vaccinations and spade / neutered and cared for at the vet or foster parent with no signs of illness for 10 days AFTER the date of the vaccinations with proof, in writing, of the vaccinations and dates given.


Inherent Risk of Injury: There is an inherent risk when groups of dogs play together. Dogs play with their teeth and paws. They grab each other by the neck, paw each other in the face, and nibble on each other’s ears, tails and other things. Cuts, scrapes, bites, muscle strains and occasional puncture wounds are going to happen regardless of how well we supervise the dogs. 

Illness:  Just as with children going to school, dogs that play and stay together run the risk of catching a contagious illness from other dogs. While the Bordetella Vaccine (aka Kennel Cough) does help lower the changes of getting this respiratory illness, no vaccine is 100% effective.  In addition to requiring the vaccine we also have a rigorous cleaning schedule and vet grade HVAC system with UV lights built in to help decrease airborne germs.

Some dogs are at higher risk such as the elderly or those with medical conditions and you should consult your vet before considering daycare or boarding.


If your dog is injured or ill we will contact you and take them to the vet if necessary.

You alone must decide if the risk of possible injury or virus is worth the reward and benefit of socialization and allowing your pet(s) to play with dogs. If, as a pet Owner, this makes you uncomfortable, then socialized play care for your pet(s) may not be the best option for you.

Dog Temperaments

Dog Temperaments: We can’t accept dogs that are human or dog aggressive.  We have separate play yards for large, small and frail/elderly dogs.


Your dog will spend the day socializing, romping and playing with other dogs that are all carefully screened for good health and compatible dispositions.

If 2nd Family Dogs, in its own discretion, determines that a boarding or daycare dog is deemed too aggressive to play safely with other dogs they will automatically be separated from all other dogs and put in Special Handling.

Additional rates will apply for Special Handling of $9.00 per day per dog will apply until the dog is picked up. Once notified that your dog has been deemed too aggressive to socialize with the rest of the dog pack your dog will not be allowed to return for boarding or daycare for the safety of all dogs.

Dog Temperaments
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